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George Wagner did a count of CD ROMS in the Educorp educational software catalog. 863 worked on Macs; only 828 were for the DOS/Windows/Windows 95 platforms. All but 6 of the 117 for Windows 95 were also available for DOS or Windows. [, MacWay, 10/15/95.]

Jim Trudeau's "The Programming Starter Kit for the Macintosh" (Hayden Books) is selling as well as any guide to Java. Metrowerks hasn't had a downturn since the debut of the Power PC platform. [Paulina Borsook , Upside, 11/96. DaveNet, 10/12/96.]

Motorola's new StarMax Mac clones have an unofficial home page at . [, MacWay, 10/15/96.]

Oliver Dueck is also putting up web information about Mac OS computers, esp. the Performa 6400, Motorola StarMax 3000, and the Power Computing clones. . [, MacWay, 10/16/96.]

"Apple's new management wants to revamp its reputation as a 500-pound gorilla with epilepsy: a large, dangerous, semi-intelligent organism inclined to fits and disorganization. ... If Gil and Heidi can find that balance, there is hope. Small developers know that the cost of entry into the Mac marketplace is far lower than into Wintel's, and that in all niches of the Wintel marketplace, especially the interesting ones, they will have to go up against Microsoft." [Paulina Borsook , Upside, 11/96. DaveNet, 10/12/96.]

"Our stuff rolls forward; Apple is focused on its own problems. The world looks less and less to Apple to solve the problems in the Macintosh world, and that feels right." [Dave Winer , DaveNet, 10/12/96.]