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Emerging-technologies summaries are available from the IEEE/TAB New Technology Directions Committee. 23 draft summaries are available in the Emerging Technologies Portfolio, with another 14 planned this year. Contact for a list. [INFOBITS (, 7/93.]

The 2GB DOS/Unix/VMS archive site at White Sands Missile Range will shut down on 9/20/93 unless a new home is found. Four CD slots and 500MB of disk space would do. Contact Keith Petersen ( with any suggestions. [Paul Robinson (, net-hap, 8/3/93.]

MIT's new Center for Biological and Computational Learning (CBCL) is offering research papers via FTP from ai-pubs/ publications/1993 on CBCL "looks at learning from a systems perspective, linking the neurophysiology of learning with its computational, mathematical, and conceptual components in areas of motor control, vision, speech, and language." [Reza Shadmehr (, connectionists, 7/22/93.]

AT&T Bell Labs database technical reports and published papers are now available as Postscript files via anonymous FTP from dist/db on Copy README and INDEX.{ps,tty} for info. [Narain Gehani (, dbworld, 7/31/93.]

UTexas Austin has an FTP server for AI faculty papers and software. FTP files from pub on [Paul T. Baffes (,, 7/28/93.]

AI/CogSci papers can be FTP'd from See the ABSTRACTS file in /pub/ai. The archives are also accessible through WAIS and ALEX; see the README file. [Ashwin Ram (,, 8/3/93.]

NIST has an archive of technical papers, not all of them in physics and chemistry. Use anonymous FTP from directory werb on (WERB is NIST's Washington Editorial Research Board, which approves the postings.) Recent posts include "The NIST EXPRESS Toolkit: Introduction and Overview" and "Progress and Prospects for Vision-Based Automatic Driving." Authors can often be reached by sending a "whois " subject line to [John S. Makulowich (, CARR-L, 8/14/93.]