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I missed this part of the story: "In an unprecedented move," Gilbert Amelio was named both CEO and chairman of Apple. Co-founder A.C. Markkula, the former chairman, will continue as vice chairman. (Michael Spindler is just "out.") Amelio thus has full control of the company. Apple's stock has gone up slightly. Amelio's successes at National Semiconductor required closing divisions and factories. [Mark H. Anbinder , TidBITS, 2/5/96.] (Markkula has been the quiet power behind Apple ever since he financed Jobs and Wozniak.)

Apple and the Open Software Foundation are developing a Linux OS version for use with Mac OS. The port will operate on the PowerPC-native OSF Mach microkernel. "This is part of Apple's overall effort to embrace more open industry standards." Linux ("linn-ux") provides true multitasking, virtual memory, shared libraries, demand loading, TCP/IP, SLIP, UUCP, etc. or . [GD, TidBITS, 2/5/96. Also MacWay, 2/5/96.]

(Apple has its own AUX, and Macs can run MachTen for about $500, but Linux is more popular and has a very active developer community. Apple wants to sell personal computers to engineers and engineering students, not just arts and humanities students.)

Linux is a free, "copylefted" Unix clone originally from Linkoping University, now including Emacs, X11R6, gcc, TeX/LaTeX, groff, ... For more about it, see the Linux Documentation Project at . [Liz W. Tompkins , inet-news, 1/14/96. net-hap.] For links to Linux and Unix sites, see the Yahoo collection at . [Gary Ewell , ibid.]

Apple has demo'd (demoed? demonstrated?) Mac OS on an IBM-built prototype of the coming OS-independent PowerPC Platform (PPCP). PPCP Macs should be on sale in 1997. Sun, IBM, Microsoft, and others are also developing for the platform. [GD, TidBITS, 2/5/96.]

Apple is also dropping some of its PowerPC Performa prices by up to 11% -- $100 to $300 -- and is extending $150-$500 rebates on printers and monitors. [NYT, 2/6/96, C6. EDUPAGE.]

FTPd 3.0 has become NetPresenz 4.0, a full-featured Mac Web server with CGI scripting (plus FTP, Gopher, and Open Transport) for $10 (or $5 upgrade). . [ACE, TidBITS, 2/5/96.]

Or you can pay about $500 for WebSTAR. Mac webmasters might like the WebSTAR info at . [Jeff Logan , MacWay, 1/4/96.] (I presume that it's backed by a much bigger effort. The Starnine products are very well regarded.)

If you manage Macintoshes, see the FAQ and links on the Mac-Mgrs home page, . [, net-hap, 12/21/95.]