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Nintendo and Silicon Graphics are developing a 64-bit "Project Reality" machine for 3D virtual reality entertainment. Expect arcade use in 1994 and a $250 home system late in 1995. Silicon Graphics' Indy desktop computer can be used as a development platform. [Jill Wright ([email protected]), comp.sys.sgi.announce, 8/25/93. Tim Finin.]

Sega USA's two-story VirtuaLand amusement center will open at the Las Vegas Luxor Hotel this October. Eight players will be able to interact in spaceships, jets, or race cars, at $2-$4 per ride. [AP, 8/16/93. Tim Finin.]

Logitech is selling a new CyberMan 3-D Controller joystick with pressure feedback. $130. [Atlanta Constitution, 8/26/93. EDUPAGE.)

"Virtual reality" exhibits at SIGGRAPH '93 included a Jurassic Park ride (seen from a saddled pterodactyl), a hang-glider ride through a comic-book city-scape, an automated confessional, and a baby's face that responded appropriately to viewers (via neural-network classification of vocalization emotional content). [Newsbytes, 8/5/93. Bits & Bytes, 8/16/93.] (The Evans & Sutherland hang-glider harness is an interesting I/O device. The effect was said to be quite realistic.)

"I would say that CAT scanning and reconstructing images is how most research will be done in paleontology in the next 20 years." -- Jack Horner, model paleontologist for Jurassic Park. [HPC, 6/24/93.]

MPC World was absorbed by PC World after only a few issues. Now there's CD-ROM Today, "the magazine of personal multimedia" for Mac and MPC computers. $14.95 for six issues; P.O. Box 51478, Boulder, CO 80323-1478. [Carolyn Kotlas ([email protected]), INFOBITS, 7/93.]

Paul Saffo says there were only 120 true beatniks before the media created the populist hippie culture. Likewise there have been only 100 hardcore cyberpunks, and the movement is now disappearing into a digital counterculture of tekkies. [WIRED, 9/93. Suzi Hayes ([email protected]), PACS-L, 8/19/93.]

The Zine Exchange Network is a free service from Gary Pattillo. Send him some of your zines -- self-published or from others -- along with a SASE and he'll try to send you an equivalent number of similar-quality zines from other submitters. (US residents can mail up to 2 lbs. for $2.90.) Z.E.N., P.O. Box 7052, Austin, TX 78713. [Don Webb ([email protected]), ARACHNET, 7/26/93.]