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The History of Mathematics website includes 200 detailed biographies (most with pictures), 800 lesser biographies, and many other entries and links. . [WEBster, 6/27/95.]

"Math-Net Links to the Mathematical World" is a collection of about 700 resources for mathematics and scientific computing. , collected by Joachim Luegger of the Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum fuer Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB). [Wolfram Schneider , de.sci.mathematik, 10/15/95.]

The Decision Support Systems Research Resources website is . Software, companies, university links, faculty directory, professional associations, online newsletters and journals, etc. Dan Power . [INFOSYS, 11/13/95. Frank Swift.]

Michael Ley's bibliography server for database systems and logic programming lists tables of contents for major journals and proceedings, plus an author index and links to many of the authors' home pages. 17,000 papers by 16,000 authors. , or start on the ACM SIGMOD WWW server . [, dbworld, 7/15/95.]

Parallel Performance Group (Sedona, AZ) offers 18 free email newsletters on high-tech software and applications of parallel processing. Write to for a list. . [, 11/7/95. Ken Barker.]

InterStat is a site for PDF articles on statistical research and innovative statistical methods. . [, newjour, 8/18/95.]

DNA computers and molecular computation are the subject of . Several papers are available for download. [Chuck Morefield , 9/29/95.]

Elsevier's BioSystems journal is being offered to Evolutionary Programming Society members for $75, a $500 discount. Society membership is $40/year ($10 for students), to Bill Porto . BioSystems: the J. of Biological and Information Processing Sciences -- now in Vol. 35/36 -- recently added evolutionary computation to its coverage. Other topics include self-organizing systems, molecular recognition and computing, and evolutionary systems. The assoc. editor for computational models is David B. Fogel . [, 10/31/95. Yan Hui.]