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In TCC 6.72, I mentioned McCarty's how-to article for online conferences. (It's a review of such a conference, written for The Language Teacher.) The article has been moved to an archive page, .

Want a 1978 copy of the Restriction Language Manual of the Linguistic String Project of NYU? It's a 300-page loose leaf notebook about a syntactic approach to parsing natural language. Mykel Board is looking for anyone wanting his copy. Mention Item 00441 to . [, 10/13/96.]

Beware Lance Chambers' "Practical Handbook of Genetic Algorithms. Volume 1: Applications" (CRC Press, 1995, $70). According to a couple of reports, the accompanying disk has some problems. Although it's a PC-format disk, all the files are stuffed Mac binaries (with corrupted resource forks). Even if you get the binaries extracted, they're buggy and can crash your system -- and the Pascal source code for Codewarrior may not compile. [Andy Nicoll and Rajarishi Sinha ,, 10/11/96.]

If you want publicity for your stock market analysis software, try winning the Investment Simulation Competition (ISC) from The Strategic Investment Society (SIS) and the Internet Association (CUIA) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It's open to anyone on the Internet -- not software entrants -- and is starting 10/28/96. Each participant gets a simulated HK$1M to invest in the Hong Kong stock market. The top six winners will get cash prizes totaling HK$5,000. , or contact . [, hk.general, 10/15/96.]

-- Ken