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Artlandia is Mathematica-based software for generating ornaments, patterns, and designs. It "uncovers the beauty of data and algorithms, and produces stunning professional-grade designs via AI algorithms." Artlandia Kaleidoscope is a one-click tool for generating symmetric art. See for contest-winning designs. [, 28Jun98.]

IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) is published quarterly. Full-text archives are at . [Arie E. Kaufman , newjour, 08Sep97.]

DBS Image Processing Newsletter is a free monthly about developments in image processing. . [Jonathan Maron , 02Feb98.]

Burtz Virtual Atelier is a discussion and exhibition forum for digital artists, including idea for projects and programming methods. . [Marcy Burt Butz , newjour, 21Jun98.]

Webnoize is an e-publication about music on the web. . [, newjour, 19Jul97.]

SIG-LIST is a show-and-tell group for sharing ASCII art, poetry, and other clever digital signatures. Send a message to . [Albert Buys , NEW-LIST, 10Jun98.]