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DreamWorks SGK, a Hollywood studio, is getting $300M from South Korean investor Miky Lee. Other Korean groups are also investing in Hollywood. (The profit from Jurassic Park alone would be equivalent to exporting 60K Hyundais.) DreamWorks also has $492M from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. [Evelyn Iritani, LA Times. SJM, 8/25/96, 1E.]

Like the spaceships and aliens on Babylon 5? NewTek is now shipping their 3D animation system: LightWave 3D for Power Macintosh. [iNews. NewtNews, 8/13/96. Bill Park.]

Early tests of networked games with chat capabilities indicate that they're highly addictive. (My kids love killing each other in networked Marathon.) A hand of bridge or a game of checkers may stretch to an hour, but that's OK. Some games -- including a multiplayer Asteroids -- lend themselves to nightly tournaments with a player hierarchy that is constantly tested. "It was a chance to blow them up, but it's become a community." Gamers log on every day, or for 15-hour binges (on the free beta version). [Jennifer Tanaka, Newsweek, 8/12/96, p. 58.]

If you've developed a net game, Random Access, Inc., wants to hear from your. Contact , (800) 910-1190 or (770) 804-1190. [Team One , net-hap, 7/29/96.]