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Project Gutenberg is publishing Beethoven's 5th Symphony in c-minor #67, in binary MIDI format. FTP from etext/etext93 on [Michael S. Hart ([email protected]), PACS-L, 1/4/94.]

You can FTP music, lyrics, FAQs, pictures, articles, and other files from the Music Archives, /pub/music on Documents can also be emailed from [email protected]. [[email protected],, 1/12/94.]

The Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) is a new MPEG distribution channel for independent musicians. MPEG demos are in the demos directory on, and music files are in the music directory. (Only 15 songs so far.) A free Xing Player for Windows can be downloaded from /pub/electronic- publications/IUMA/mpeg_players. Check the "info/submit" directory for instructions on contributing. You can also gopher to (Worlds/ Browse/ electronic-publications/IUMA). [Robert Daniel Lord ([email protected]),, 12/7/93.]

IUMA is just one example of "disintermediation." College students Rob Lord and Jeff Patterson are hoping to destroy the $9B commercial recording industry with their "indie" independent music. With luck, consumers will pay less and artists will get more. The Internet already has over 60 music discussion groups. [David Bank, SJM, 1/31/94.]