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The Unabomber has announced that "The people we are out to get are the scientists and engineers, especially in critical fields like computers and genetics. ... We advocate eliminating industrial society." [NYT. Robert L. Park, WHAT'S NEW, 5/12/95.] (Well, it's a project, of sorts. NASA has asked that the FBI remove its Unabomb page from NASA's , lest it trigger violence against NASA engineers.)

The text "Introduction to the Theory of Neural Computation" by Hertz, Krogh, and Palmer (HKP) does not come with exercises, so Arun Jagota has compiled some of his own. Contact for a copy, or use binary FTP to get the file from users/jagota on Additional exercises are solicited by Jagota and Palmer. [connectionists, 4/8/95.]

Ron Sun would like to update his bibliography of connectionist-symbolic integration. Contact . The 36-page previous version is in pub/neuroprose on, and in Sun's 1994 Computational Architectures text with Larry Bookman. [connectionists, 5/10/95.]

John Koza is collecting links to genetic-programming researchers. Contact , even if you can't afford a home page. [genetic-programming, 5/11/95. Bill Park.]

Alex Goodall is collecting descriptions of European neural- network tool/application vendors for his AI Watch newsletter. Send any company or product info -- esp. for companies outside the UK -- to , +44 1865-791 600, +44 1865-791 007 Fax. [, 5/14/95. David Joslin.]

Mark Johnson is looking for examples of overlapping information models from heterogeneous information systems, such as database schemas from purchasing and production departments. . [, 5/15/95. David Joslin.]

The Computer Museum is raising money with a WWW auction of about 250 items, ancient and modern. One offering is a signed, special-edition painting from AARON, Harold Cohen's artificially intelligent robotic artist. See for descriptions, with bidding on 5/22 through 5/26. Questions to Susanne E. Schantz , 617-426-2800 x436. [Gail Jennes , net-hap, 5/10/95.]

-- Ken