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CSC Mathematical Topics offers mathematical animations (on, a list of best mathematical services (, and links to other mathematical topics ( or gopher:// From CSC, the Finnish national supercomputer center (Espoo, Finland). [Juha Haataja ([email protected]), c.i.w, 6/22/94. net-hap.]

The SymbMath 2.2 expert system for symbolic and exact math is shareware, FTPable from simtel20 or from /huang/ on [email protected] or [email protected] can also provide copies by email. Another FTP source is in /pub/msdos/calculat on Student and advanced versions of the software are available. [IEEE Expert, 8/93. Weiguang Huang ([email protected]),, 3/31/94. David Joslin.]

Foraging behavior of ant colonies was the inspiration for Marco Dorigo's 1991 dissertation work, the Ant System for traveling salesman problems, quadratic assignment, job-shop scheduling, and other combinatorial optimization problems. PostScript papers are available by FTP from /pub/dorigo (journals, conferences, tec.reps) on or, or by WWW from file:// Dorigo would like to hear from others who are using his work. Contact [email protected], +32-2-6502715 Fax. [[email protected],, 7/4/94. David Joslin.]

daVinci 1.3 is an interactive visualization system for directed graphs and subgraphs, from UBremen's Inst. for Formal Methods in Software Engineering. Unix/XView or PC/Linux. Free for non-profit use. FTP from /pub/graphics/daVinci on or /graphics/graphics/packages/daVinci on Questions to [email protected] [Michael Froehlich (,, 7/14/94. David Joslin.]