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The US Air Force is soliciting one-page "brainstorming" abstracts (with classification no higher than SECRET) for creative technologies and innovative applications of space hardware related to national security. Immediate (10/15) submission to Lt. Col. T.S. Kelso ([email protected]), (513) 255-7210, (513) 476-7302 Fax, is requested, but abstracts submitted by 3/1/94 will be considered. Air University at Maxwell AFB (AL) is chairing the SPACECAST 2020 study. [sci.engr, 10/5/93.]

DOE has signed its 500th CRADA since 1991. 26% of the research agreements have been in information and communications. [THE SCIENTIST, 10/4/93.]

This year's Ig Nobel Prize winners are listed in ignobel- winners-93a.gif and ignobel-winners-93b.gif from /pub/misc/ignobel on [Win Treese ([email protected]), sci.research, 10/7/93.] (You'll need a GIF viewer.)

A European professor in decision/management expert systems is seeking a 3-month US position as a visiting scholar, without pay. If interested, send your fax number to John F. Gilmore (john.gilmo[email protected]), (404) 894-9081 Fax. [, 10/8/93.]