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Ramesh Ravula recommends "The Competitive Advantage of Nations" by Michael Porter, "a truly monumental work, a magnum opus." Porter gives a broad, organic view of how firms, industries, and national economies advance (with illustration of practical applications). He also sets an agenda for the 90's for the U.S, Germany, Japan, Britain, Italy, Korea, and other countries.

Another book Ramesh found interesting is "High Tech Ventures -- The Guide For Entrepreneurial Success" by C. Gordon Bell. Bell's career as a scientist and entrepreneur included 23 years at DEC. The book includes the famous Bell-Mason diagnostic for start-up companies. [[email protected], 12/31.]

(The Communique could carry more reviews if members will share their insights. Reviews should evaluate a resource or summarize useful information. I can condense longer articles, or distribute them through separate channels. Even reviews of published reviews are useful, as are additional comments by other Computists.)