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Remaining proceedings of Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases (DOOD'97; Dec97) are available at about half price (50SF). Stefano Spaccapietra , +41 21 693 5195 Fax. [dbworld, 17Feb98.]

(The dbworld list carries announcements for the database community, including lots of AI-related conference announcements. Send a "subscribe dbworld" message to , or check the new archives at . [Carl Page , dbworld, 14Jan98.] (Several other database and computer lists are also archived there.))

Kumar Chellapilla and David Fogel are seeking collaborators interested in working on open problems in control, operator efficiency, and combinatorial optimization in evolutionary computation, plus gaming and use of self-adaptation in evolving program trees. , (619) 534-5935, (619) 534-1004 Fax. [genetic-programming, 14Feb98. Bill Park.]