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Macromedia's Director program has more than 100K users, and has become a lingua franca of the multimedia/CD ROM industry. [NYT, 9/19/93. EDUPAGE.] Macromedia's Authorware Pro 2.0 is much more expensive, but has a very powerful icon/flow-chart language (instead of Director's "Lingo" scripting language). You can port its output to MS Windows, where the nearest competing product is IconAuthor. (Others are Asymetrix Multimedia Toolbook, Multimedia Grasp, and Tempra Media Author.) See the Oct/Nov issue of Digital Video magazine. [R.J. Pittman ([email protected]), comp.multimedia. Bill Park, 11/15/93.]

Apple is offering a free Media Tool demo CD-ROM if you call (800) 365-5460 x200. Or you can sign up for a free multimedia seminar in SF, LA, NY, Boston, Chicago, or Atlanta, 11/30 through 12/16. At the seminar you get the CD-ROM, a free copy of Apple's VideoFusion video capture/manipulation software, and a $300 discount on The Apple Media Tool (Apple's ScriptX answer to MacroMind Director's Lingo language.) [Bill Park ([email protected]), 11/8/93.] (Bill says that Silicon Graphics also has a CD-ROM demo, but you need 300MB of free disk space.)

"Visualization of Natural Phenomena" by Apple's Robert S. Wolff and Larry Yaeger is a multimedia book/Mac CD ROM package. Many of the book's 300 illustrations come from 100 QuickTime animations and several demos using Mathematica, NCSA, Spyglass, and other programs. $59.95 from TELOS, (408) 249-9314, (408) 249-2595 Fax, or from Springer-Verlag, (800) 777-4643 or (201) 348-4033 in NJ, (201) 348-4505 Fax. [Cindy Peterson ([email protected]), RESEARCH, 10/15/93.]

Hodges and Sasnett's "Multimedia Computing -- Case Studies from the MIT Project Athena" (Addison-Wesley, 1993) "starts the reader thinking of multimedia features in lower case -- as tools within documents ..." [Norris Parker Smith, HPC Select, 9/24/93.]