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In TCC 7.51, I discussed some of the major WWW search engines. (Got quite a bit of reader feedback, too.) Many websites offer lists of search engines -- some lists comprehensive, others specialized. Here's a sample:

List of WWW Searching and Starting Points offers a comprehensive annotated list of concept searchers, index term searchers, browser companion software, subject pages, etc. .

Texas Tuff's Search Engine Links offers hundreds of annotated URLs to major search engines. .

Internet Research Tools provides links to 49 search engines, phone books, and email directories on a well-organized page. .

JavaSearch runs a JavaScript-based search page offering several popular search engines. .

Rusty's Ultimate Search Tool features a consistent interface to the top eight search engines. .

The Search Zone offers a simple interface to nine popular search engines. .

The Ultimate Search Page has ten of the most popular engines on one page. .

Prime Search lets you specify keywords, then select from 36 search engines covering the Web, Usenet, software, and news. .

The Internet Search Engines webpage runs over 40 search engines from one page. .

The Search Center queries any of 45 Web directories and search engines. .

Eureka! Internet Search Engine offers a consistent interface to 46 of the major search engines on the web. Many of the engines are reviewed at length. . (Includes a link to Humor for Webmasters.)

The Needle in a CyberStack site lists over 100 search engines and directories in multiple categories, plus Cybrarians' Favorites, Hot and Cool, etc. .

Dr. Webster's Big Page of Search Engines offers 20 categories of search engines. .

Search-Center has collected as many sites as possible, in about 33 categories. .

Beaucoup! has about 800 search engines in over 20 categories (and multiple languages), including 67 employment search engines and 47 employment listings from large corporate employers. .

The Virtual Search Engine has easy-to-fill-out forms for over 800 search engines in 45 categories: reference, free stuff, images, computing topics, intelligent agents, etc. . (A handsome site.)

Internet Search Mechanisms offers articles and lots of links to Gopher searches, FTP/file searches, Usenet/email lists, Internet reference desks, stand-alone search software, meta-search and multi-threaded engines, etc. .