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The Mother Load has just added "Insane Search" to its metasearch and directory of directories. Insane Search gives keyword or concept search by whole words or substrings, with Boolean connectives, for search engines, newspapers, magazines, government documents, mailing lists, newsgroups, etc. [Matt Hulbert , c.i.www.announce, 3/21/96. net-hap.]

WebCompass Personal Edition is a configurable meta-search interface that runs from your desktop, sending simultaneous queries and summarizing documents that are found. Free from . Brian Ulicny , , (310) 309-4282 Fax. [4/2/96.]

The Netcom online service is offering a PersonalNews filter for daily news. Sign up with . Other "Personal Services" services are planned, including web pages. . [Dave Garrison , 4/5/96. Bill Park.]

The Snoopie search engine at is advertiser-supported. Useful for educators. [Russell Smith , NETTRAIN, 4/4/96. net-hap.]

"Search Engine Showdown" in Internet World (V7 N5, pp. 78-86) compares Alta Vista, Excite, InfoSeek, Lycos, Open Text, WebCrawler, and the WWWorm. Other articles also concern "finding stuff" on the Internet. [Steve Cramer , NETTRAIN, 4/4/96. net-hap.]

For more info on search engines, see C|Net's Guide to Better Web Searching at . [Network News, 3/24/96.]

-- Ken