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Opportunities for home computer workers: . [, net-hap, 5/4/96.]

The Home-Based Employment Search Company offers free search of its listings. . [, net-hap, 5/15/96.]

The College Grad Job Hunter Website offers entry-level computer-related jobs, plus tips and links to related sites. . [Network News, 6/6/96.]

The Academic Employment Network lists jobs by district or institution and job title. . [The Scout Report, 6/21/96.]

Career Mosaic carries employment ads for high-tech companies. . [Daniel Leighton , BESTWEB, 6/25/96. net-hap.]

The Monster Board has over 55K job listings, and will also help you circulate your resume. . [Ibid.]

WITI Campus Career Center, Career Opportunities section, carries ads from major corporations. , or sign up for their "[email protected]" mailing list. [Ibid.] (Men are welcome, although WITI stands for Women in Technology International.)

Career Companion, from E-Span, is for "upwardly mobile professionals." . [Richard M. Miles , inet-news, 6/26/96. net-hap.]

The UConsultUs Global Directory of Consultants is a networking and advertising resource for independent service providers. , or in hardcopy from (888) 826-6785 or (303)-772-1714. [Linda Kreitz , net-hap, 7/15/96.]

The following come mainly from net-happenings, from Mike Schelling , Mary S. Fahley , and John Kosakowski :

1st Steps in the Hunt, .

1st Steps: Top 25 Electronic Recruiters, .

4Work, .

Academic Position Network, .

Best Jobs in The USA Today, .

Career Magazine, . (Recruiter directory; company profiles; discussion groups; and up to 12K job ads.)

Career Match, .

CareerNET Career Resource Center, .

Career Resource Homepage .

Careers Page from J. Edgar & Associates, . (Information systems and technical manufacturing recruiters.)

careerWEB, .

The Chronicle of Higher Education, . (Over 700 positions.)

DICE Online Job Search, .

Developer and Marketer Database, .

Educator's Job Corner, (Educational Resources/Academic resources by topic/Education resources/Educator's job corner),

Extreme Resume Drop, .

Federal Times/Jobs, .

FRS Federal Jobs Central, .

Galaxy Jewels Employment Opportunities and Resume Postings, .

Getajob!, .

Heather's Jobs on the Net Page, .

High Technology Careers Magazine, .

Hotwired: Dream Jobs, .

Informus Employment Screening, .

Interactive Employment Network, .

Internet Educator Resume/Job Registry Service, .

Internet Resume Registry, .

I/T PositionWATCH Interactive Career Search Site,

Jane's Professional Opportunities in Defense & Aerospace, .

JobCenter Employment Service, .

JobGuide, .

JobHunt: On-Line Job Meta-List, .

JobLinks Recruiter Access, .

JobNet & Online Opportunities, .

Job Network, .

JobTrak, or (College-level jobs from 150K employers.)

JobWeb, . (Over 400 resources.)

MicroTemps, .

NACCB Job Board and Resume Bank, . (Computer consulting and contracting.)

NationJob, .

NetJobs Resume-O-Matic, .

Net-Temps Agencies of The Word Wide Web, .

NYU Career Services Page, .

Office of Personnel Management Federal Jobs Library, .

Online Career Center (OCC), . (High-tech jobs.)


RON - Recruiters OnLine Network, .

Scope's Online Resume Banks, .

Technology Registry: The Online Employment Service, .

TOPjobs(tm) USA by DiSX, .

Virtual Job Fair, .

WANT work, .

World Wide Resume, .