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By Feb98, Connectix Corp. will be shipping a new Virtual PC 2.0 Pentium emulator for Macs. It should improve Windows performance by 25%-40%, and will offer enhanced DirectX support, sound input capability, and drag-and-drop integration of Mac and Windows environments. . [TidBITS, 05Jan98.]

Connectix also makes Surf Express, a Web accelerator and cache said to display graphics and text of [frequently visited] Web pages up to 36 times faster than a browser alone. Clearway Technologies makes a similar product called WebDoubler. . [TidBITS, 05Jan98.]

Microsoft's Macintosh teams are now sponsoring TidBITS, a leading online digest for Mac enthusiasts. (Apple never did.) TidBITS publisher Adam Engst says "The Internet Explorer/Outlook Express team in San Jose. ... is an impressive collection of Macintosh programmers, with folks who had worked at companies like Aladdin, Apple, Claris, Metrowerks, Natural Intelligence, and ResNova. A number of these programmers continue to produce well-known shareware programs and were responsible for some of the earliest Macintosh Internet software. ... A friend there said he wanted to help create great Macintosh programs that would be used by the largest number of people." [, TidBITS, 05Jan98.]

(I hear that Microsoft Office '98, introduced at MacWorld, finally brings the Mac version up to par with the Windows equivalent. It's not just a port of an obsolete Windows product.)