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Instant Weathervane! by Mercury Mail provides weather reports by email for any ZIP code, airport code, or city. Response in seconds. Full-color graphics can be displayed if your mailer supports HTML. . [28Aug96.]

Political maps, by continent, can be found at . Other country maps and statistics are on , , and . [Karlyn Ford , LM-NET, 01Dec96. net-hap.]

The Autopilotr Highway Trip Routing System makes a personalized itinerary for your origination and destination, plus enroute facilities that you select. . [04Nov96.]

The "How Far Is It?" site will tell you the distance between pairs of cities worldwide. . [Robin Nobles , BESTWEB, 11/15/96.]

Virtual address book will tell you if anyone in your address list is near your planned travel route. This free online service also notifies you by email if your friends and contacts change addresses or phone numbers. . [11Nov96.]

Map Maker can create a map for any US street address. . [15Nov96.]

Visa's ATM locator service can locate 3 ATM machine locations close to any US address. Worldwide locations are less comprehensive. . [13Oct96.]