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Some of these had DNS entry problems yesterday, but are OK again today:

American college/university admissions office email addresses can be found at . [28Jan98.]

College Powerprep offers free online SAT and ACT preparation, college guidance, and financial aid info, plus software you can buy. . [, net-hap, 17Jan97.]

Mapping Your Future offers info on career planning, school selection, college funding, resume writing, job hunting tips, and interview techniques. There's a search engine for finding related information and links. . [, net-hap, 14Nov96.]

"Black Excel: The College Help Network" is a college admissions and scholarship service for African-American students. . [28Jan98.]

The Presidents' Network (PresNet) offers a common application for more than 50 schools in 34 states. . [Mike Schelling , net-hap, 14Aug96.]

CollegeNET (on the IBM Global Campus) offers online applications and financial aid information for US and Australian universities. There are sections on scholarship search and VRML 3D campus tours. . [Educom Update, 01Aug97.]