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Machine Learning Online is a new online version of Kluwer's Machine Learning Journal. Full authoritative text is accessible only to subscribers, but the website offers multiple indices, hypertext links, a search facility, and links to other ML sites. . Thomas G. Dietterich is the editor in chief. [Mike Groth , newjour, 3/29/96.]

Open Sesame! is a NN-based agent for learning user interaction patterns with a Mac operating system. A fully functioning version can be downloaded from for study by the agent community. [Alper K. Caglayan , DAI-List, 10/28/95.]

Genetic programming systems, groups, calls, conferences, and resources are listed on , mirrored on and . [Jaime Fernandez , genetic programming, 3/11/96. Bill Park.]

A hyperlinked bibliography on the Baldwin effect (in GA and ML) is at . [Peter Turney , genetic-programming, 10/30/95. Bill Park.]

Vienna U. of Technology has started a BibTeX bibliographic database of computational intelligence journals and proceedings. Initial listings are for IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks; Machine Learning; and Proceedings of NIPS. Visit the Center for Computational Intelligence archive at , or FTP files from . Contributions are solicited. [,, 4/24/96. David Joslin.]

Neural Processing Letters has moved to Kluwer Academic Publishers. Contact Mike Casey , + 31 78 6392254 Fax, for details or samples. [, connectionists, 4/18/96.]

The NNC homepage at now offers links to over 120 neural-network research projects, plus a directory of NNC member addresses. [Payman Arabshahi , Neuron Digest, 3/25/96.]