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The Small Business Administration (SBA) is offering start-ups a 1-page "Low Doc" (low-documentation) loan application form, for borrowers with impeccable credit who need up to $100K in unsecured working capital. Forms can be obtained from lenders. You need sound management, a solid business plan, and may have to show tax returns for loans over $50K. Approval time is 2-30 days. Loans are for 5-25 years (vs. 3 years for commercial loans), at prime (now 7.25%) plus 2-5 points. The government will cover 90% of any default. SBA says it could triple its portfolio to $19B by 1997. Its San Antonio office made 1,000 loans in 3 months. San Francisco made 17 loans averaging $51K last month, half to women. SBA is also planning five other loan programs for small businesses this year. Past support went mainly to real estate loans averaging $270K ($320K in CA), for mid-sized businesses. [Rebecca Smith, SJM, 7/11/94, 1D.]

Mike Walsh of InterNet Info ([email protected]) has compiled a list of 23 venture capital firms on the net. Only 3% of 850 active firms have domain names, usually the larger firms and those in Silicon Valley. Check the whois server for these .com domains: accel, aventure, bessemer, canaan, cbvc, ent, gapartners, geopartners, greylock, hcp, humwin, kpch, menloven, mpae, mdv, nea, oakwest, onset, sequoiacap, sierraven, sigmptrs, shv, and ta. [[email protected], net-hap, 7/8/94.]

Dave Waite of Dellen Leasing says he knows of many people looking for places to invest $100K and up. (Waite hopes you'll buy or rent your business equipment from him.) [email protected], (317) 574-0100 x155. [RESEARCH, 6/30/94.]