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"It's hard to love an engineer/scientist. Sometimes it feels like trying to love your vacuum cleaner. It does the job. It is steady. It is reliable. It doesn't dazzle, polish, pet, or make you feel squishy." -- Jean Hollands, "The Silicon Syndrome: How to Survive a High-Tech Relationship."

Need Valentine's Day items? is ready for you. [, net-hap, 1/17/96.]

Online cards for Valentine's Day and other holidays are free on The Pad, from George A. Dillon. Also sound files and audio-visual effects, and links to other sites. . [, c.i.www.announce, 12/19/95. net-hap.] (Looks best with Netscape.)

Create a free valentine with a cartoon cat or dog. . [, net-hap, 1/19/96.]

Webcards sends customized greeting cards over the Internet. . [, net-hap, 1/27/96.]

You can leave Valentine messages, propose marriage, or download music from the VALENTINES FOREVER site, . [Eric Manno , net-hap, 1/25/96.]

Or browse expressions of love in poetry, images, and sounds at . [, net-hap, 1/26/96.]

-- Ken