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British Telecom is developing a virtual-reality Smart Chair for remote classes, meetings, and sales telepresentations (in which you might control the delivery). The chairs have "a multitude of cameras and screens," with excellent audio, and could mimic settings such as "the clear-blue sky and turquoise waters of Tahiti, complete with the gentle murmur of breaking surf in the background." [, Aug97. NewtNews. Bill Park.] (Yeah, that's where Programming 101 should be held!)

Dilbert and Dogbert now talk, walk, and move about in a 3D VRML environment, at . [CNET Digital Dispatch, 02Oct97. Bill Park.]

DIGICAM is a list about digital cameras, software, image processing and printing, etc. Send a "subscribe digicam" message to . [Mitchell Leben , NEW-LIST, 29Aug97.]

FortuneCity is an advertising-supported "city" in cyberspace. 6MB of free web space per resident, plus message boards, chat rooms, and a radio station. More free space may be available if needed. (You can also be evicted if you don't update your website at least every four months.) Elected representatives advise the city's technical staff, and citizens can vote on proposed additions. . [Julie Turnmill , 23Sep97. Bill Park.]