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VRMLSite is an e-magazine about VRML site creation, plus an employment billboard and links to VRML 2.0 sites. . [, newjour, 29Mar97.]

You can teleoperate a robot at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) via their Telerobotics Server. You need a Java-enabled browser and a VRML 2.0 plugin (preferably Cosmo Player) to view the original ROTEX workcell as flown aboard space-shuttle Columbia (Flight STS-55) during the D2 mission in April '93. . [Joerg Vogel , comp.robotics.research, 24Nov97.]

Cosmo Player is from Cosmo Software, the new Silicon Graphics (SGI) business established Jun97 to develop multimedia and 3D Internet software for multiple platforms. (Cosmo Player runs on Apple, SGI, HP, and DEC machines, as well as MS Windows. You may need Internet Explorer 4.0 or better to support the interactive Java features.) Cosmo's president is Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, whose CMU PhD thesis on speaker-independent continuous speech recognition was Business Week's "most important Scientific Innovation of 1988." Lee developed his algorithm further as Apple's PlainTalk speech recognition/synthesis software, then went to SGI as VP of their Web Products division. SGI then acquired Paragraph International, the Russian company that developed Apple's handwriting recognition software for the Newton, and folded it into Cosmo Software. [Doug Cruickshank, Innovation3, Fall97. Bill Park.]