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USao Paulo researchers have prepared an annotated survey of 300 WWW sites covering computer vision, image processing, computer graphics, neuroscience, AI, and other vision-related areas, to be published in the InterJournal . See or for their "ReVision: Reviewing Vision in the WEB!" reviews. Additions or revisions are welcome. [Luciano Costa and Roberto M. Cesar Jr. ,, 16Feb00.] (Wlodek Duch is looking for someone to review this site for Transactions on Neural Networks. [, connectionists, 18Feb00.])

Dragon Systems has backed off on bringing its NaturallySpeaking continuous speech recognition product to the current Mac OS, saying it will wait for System X (which should be available this summer). . MacSpeech may be shipping its new iListen and iDictate products by then, based on the Philips speech recognition engine. . Meanwhile, IBM has posted a free 1.0.2 update to its ViaVoice continuous speech recognition software. . [TidBITS, 28Feb00.]

One Voice Technologies is about to market its $40 Ivan voice interface software for interacting with Web pages. IBM developed the speech recognition technology, which will be overlaid with page-specific dialog capabilities. [Popular Science, Mar00. NewsScan.]

Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) is making its MSc course in Speech and Language Processing available via distance education starting in 2000. or . [, comp.speech.research, 15Oct99.]

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