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The British Open University is making some of its courses available over the Internet to English-speaking students elsewhere. , or contact . [WICHE Communique, 1/96, p. 13. EDUPAGE.]

A Western virtual university may be admitting students by Summer '97. Simon & Schuster's Education Management Group has donated $150K in planning funds, to the Western Governors' Association led by Colorado's Roy Rohmer and Utah's Mike Leavitt. [Chron. Higher Ed., 2/16/96, A21. EDUPAGE.]

To run a single course, you might want LISTSERV-style list management software. Macjordomo 1.0b6 is a Mac version of Majordomo. Automatic or manual subscribe and unsubscribe, message digests, file retrieval, etc. . [Michele Fuortes, TidBITS, 10/30/95.] (ListSTAR is another commercial alternative for the Mac.)

The ACM SIGCHI Curriculum Development Group report, "Curricula in Human-Computer Interaction," is online (in HTML format) at . An NSF/ARPA report, "New Directions in HCI Education, Research, and Practice," covers similar topics to different depths. It's at . And Saul Greenberg at UCalgary has made his HCI course materials available, at . For other HCI resources on the net, see Gary Perlman's ACM Interactions magazine column -- frequently updated -- at . [, educators.chi, 2/14/96. John Murray.]

System Concepts Newsletter is a new e-pub covering ergonomics, human factors, and HCI. . [, newjour, 10/20/95.]