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Women comprise only 11% of PhD computer scientists and 4% of full CS professors. For info on their decreasing employment, see and or contact Eric Roberts of CPSR at 415-723-3642. [Educom Update, 3/27/95.]

Fewer than half of all PhDs go on to academic careers, and the percentage is dropping as the "queue" waiting in temporary jobs grows larger. Still, unemployment for PhDs is only 1.6%, or 2% for new PhDs. [Phillip Griffiths, IAS. Robert L. Park, WHAT'S NEW, 4/21/95.] (4% is often considered "full employment," what with people between jobs or starting home businesses. Be flexible in your career plans, and don't expect sympathy or help from Congress.)

The Graduate Employees and Students Organization (GESO) is seeking recognition as a union representing Yale's teaching assistants. The TAs make about $9K per year and no benefits, with no job security, increasing class sizes, and poor chances for full-time positions. Health care is $700 per year, or $3K for a family. In a union representation election, 600 TAs supported GESO and 168 opposed (of 1,081 eligible voters). 70% of Yale's TAs had refused to teach classes for a week, with about 400 classes being canceled. If GESO is successful it will be the first graduate student union at a private university. Yale President Richard Levin has said he would close Yale before recognizing GESO, but two other unions at Yale are supporting the organization. All three unions are part of the Federation of University Employees, affiliated with the Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union. [J. Behrens, People's Weekly World, 4/22/95. Thurman Wenzl , alt.grad-student.tenured, 4/30/95.] (People's Weekly World is $20/year from , or $1 for a 2-month trial. The same netnews post mentioned that the Communist Party, USA, can be reached at [email protected], (212) 989-4994.)

International University College from Jones International Ltd. may soon offer an MS in business communications through the Internet, cable and satellite television, and videocassettes, for $2,280/year tuition. It will be similar to Jones's email- based Mind Extension University. [IBD, 4/28/95, A5. EDUPAGE.]

The World Lecture Hall offers links to pages from educators using WWW to deliver class materials. 45 subject areas, and more are solicited. . [WEBster, 5/2/95.]

The National Education Technology Funding Corporation (NETFC) hopes to stimulate private investment in educational technology. A bill from Sen. Carol Mosley-Braun (D-IL) may soon encourage private and federal agencies to invest in NETFC. [Heller Report News Briefs, 5/95. EDUPAGE.]

Simon & Schuster is expanding its Educational Technology Group. "We want to be the major technology-driven content provider in the worldwide economy." [NYT, 5/1/95, C8. EDUPAGE.]

The HEPROC Higher Education Resources web site has "lots of good stuff." . [Carl Reimann , 4/15/95.]

The FACSUP-L list is for faculty and those who support faculty in computer technologies for teaching, research, and service. Send a "sub facsup-l your name" message to . [Ted Mills , NEW-LIST, 4/2/95. net-hap.]