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From 1978 to 1987, college graduates experienced a 48% increase in income while high-school dropouts experienced a 4% decrease. Prior to that, inflation had affected both groups about equally. [McKinsey & Co. Tom Peters, SJM, 7/26/93.]

Here's a sample of continuing education in Silicon Valley: Dave Liddel, founder of Interval Research, will speak at the Software Entrepreneurs' Forum dinner on 10/20. Free weekly Xerox PARC talks will include Randall Davis of MIT (Software Patents and Copyrights), Maria Zemankova of MITRE (A Fuzzy Intelligent Information System With Learning Capabilities), Gordon Bell (Why Intrapreneuring Often Fails), and Tom Hayes (the Silicon Valley Initiative). Alan Kay of Apple recently spoke on "The Best Way to Predict the Future Is to Invent It." For info, contact Kathy Jarvis ([email protected]), (415) 812-4042, or sign up with [email protected]. [Bill Park.] Joshua S. Mogal will speak on "Virtual Reality at Silicon Graphics" at an open ACM meeting on 9/28 in Cupertino. [[email protected] or [email protected], ba.seminars. Bill Park, 9/21/93.]

A list of 45 education-related lists and e-journals has been compiled by J.H. Ellsworth ([email protected]). Contact him for "Dr. E's Eclectic Compendium of Electronic Resources for Adult/Distance Education." Bitnet lists covering research funding and methodologies include RESEARCH@templevm (research funding news: see next item); AFAM-L@unbvm1 (African-American research); ERL-L@asuacad (education research); QUALRS-L@uga (qualitative research for the human sciences); and SPSSX-L@uga (for the SPSSX statistical program). [net-hap, 9/14/93.]

Temple University's RESEARCH information service stores newsletters and other documents from NIH, NSF, etc. FTP them from /pub/info/listserv/research on Send a "sub research your name" message to [email protected] to sign up for the discussion list, or contact research-request [Eleanor Cicinsky ([email protected]), 9/21/93.]

The August Internet Hunt turned up job listings related to higher education. The UTexas Gopher ( has both global job listings (under World, Jobs, Universities) and pointers (under Miscellaneous) to online job lists from The Chronicle of Higher Education, Los Alamos National Lab, The Online Career Center, Academic Position Network (including assistantships and fellowships), Usenet, and other gophers. Job bulletin boards are also run by the American Mathematical Society (telnet, login e-math) and other professional societies and university departments. [Rick Gates ([email protected]), PACS-L, 8/30/93.]

Longing for the scholarly life? Check out "The Independent Scholar's Handbook" (Ten Speed Press, 1993, $11.95) by Ronald Gross. "How to find out the things that could change your life, how to tell other people about them, and how to support yourself meanwhile." [Art Kleiner, Co-Evolution Quarterly. Bits & Bytes, 9/20/93.]

An Education Department official says that putting theses in libraries without written permission violates student-privacy laws ... unless the students' names are removed. :-) [Robert L. Park ([email protected]), WHAT'S NEW, 9/3/93.]

Internet_&_Ed.v2.0.sea.hqx contains 10 documents on K-12 Internet services, formatted for Macintosh. (200MB when uncompressed.) FTP it from /pub/education on A DOS version may be available in a few weeks, and partial hardcopy could be obtained for about $15. [Noel Estabrook ([email protected]), EDTECH, 9/21/93. net-hap.]

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) can send information on publications, conferences, and SIGs. Contact David Moursund ([email protected]), (503) 346-5890 Fax. [Kathy Kothmann ([email protected], SIGTEL-L, 9/20/93. net-hap.]

Edu-Activists is to be a list for revolutionaries seeking technological solutions to world educational problems. Contact Ronald J. Logsdon ( [, 9/7/93. Bill Park.]