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Computer Economics Daily is a 1-page summary of daily events. Hardcopy is $495/year, but the online version is free for a "subscribe" subject line sent to . [Bartley D. Grubb , biz.comp.accounting, 11/28/95. Bill Park.]

For updated market and business news, check the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) web site, . [Peter Raeth , SEML, 10/22/95.]

Business Week now offers a few of its articles online, at . Comments or questions can be sent to or . BW has 200 reporters and editors serving 7M readers worldwide. [newjour, 12/1/95.]

FORTUNE Magazine, for corporate executives, has set up a website at . [, newjour, 12/1/95.] (A bit hard to pronounce. :-)

U.S. News & World Report is at , as U.S. News Online. If you want to, you can watch Clinton morph into Newt Gingrich. [Kim Smith , net-hap, 11/8/95.]

Harvard Business Review has put its articles from 5/94 to (but not including) the present issue on . See for the current table of contents. [, newjour, 12/1/95.]

Off the Record magazine, for information systems/technology professionals, adds "cutting room floor" material, hot links, and RealAudio interviews to its online version, . An index of articles is on . [, newjour, 12/1/95.]

WebMaster Magazine, for IT managers and corporate webmasters, offers full-page abstracts of its print articles. WebMaster Online, . Past issues are on . [, newjour, 12/1/95.]

Current and back-issue magazines can also be browsed or ordered at . [, net-hap, 12/17/95.]

Or visit Ecola's Newsstand, . The English-language publications include over 200 newspapers worldwide and 400 other periodicals with WWW presence. Searchable by title. [Liz W. Tompkins , net-hap, 12/14/95.]