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US Dept. of Education white papers on future directions of educational technology can be downloaded from . Authors include Chris Dede, Bob Tinker, Bev Hunter, and Jan Hawkins. [Lud Braun , net-hap, 7/5/96.]

The Int. Society for Technology in Education has published six new books on integrating computers into education. See also their free Spring/Summer 1996 ISTE Resources and Services for Technology-Using Educators. , 541-346-2400. [Educom UPDATE, 7/1/96.]

A free 40-lesson internet training course is available by email from the MJRB-TRAINING LIST. The first half covers email access to the net; the second half is for MS Windows users. Send a "Course Info" subject line to Robert R. Behrens , or send a "subscribe mjrb-training" message to . [NEW-LIST, 7/3/96.]

Farrallon, PSINet, and SurfWatch have announced a grant program for Internet education. Five schools or colleges will each get $7,500 worth of Internet products and services including routers, support, software, LAN-ISDN services. 11/10/96 deadline. , 800-859-7761. [Educom UPDATE, 7/1/96.]

Synergy Journal, with 30K readers, covers "Internet as a life form," virtual classrooms and offices, interactive work groups, online education, public policy, case studies, etc. Weekly distribution. Send a "request synergy journal" message to Peter E. Pflaum , or visit for 24MB of documents and links. Also SYNERGY-NET on . [, lis-fid, 6/10/96. newjour.]

The Como System won a $75K Sun JavaCup prize, for applets that let website users interact via chat, shared whiteboards, surveys, voting, games. The applets are small (e.g., 6KB for chat), and several such websites can be run on a single server. See or . [Ulrich Gall , c.i.www.authoring.misc, 7/7/96.]