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If you're planning a Memorial Day trip by car, you might check out Rand McNally Online, ; Eat Here, ; Welcome Signs, ; US Route 40, ; and The SpeedTrap Registry, . [NewtNews, 13May97.]

SRI International (Menlo Park) and Silicon Graphics (Mountain View) are planning to host a VR Pioneers Day and Celebration Picnic on 29Aug97. Get in touch with Bob Jacobson if you'd like to demo or participate. [08May97.]

A knowledge discovery and data mining (KDDM) tools competition will be held in conjunction with the 3rd Int. Conf. on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD-97). Attendance is not required. The Knowledge Discovery Cup will be open to all KDDM tool vendors, academics, and corporations with supervised or unsupervised learning applications. Register by 13Jun97. . Ismail Parsa , (617) 273-0250*6734, (617) 272-8604 Fax. [ai-stats, 17May97.]

-- Ken