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Harvard Business School has completed an $11M conversion to a Web-based MBA program, including multimedia content and links to corporate sites. [Chronicle of Higher Ed., 11/15/96, A29. EDUPAGE.]

Quality Dynamics Inc. predicts that half of all corporate training will be delivered via technology by the year 2000. The Gartner Group projects a $12B/year market in just two years (after increasing 10%/year), within the $50B corporate continuing education market. [IW, 11/4/96, p. 32. EDUPAGE.]

Interversity is for discussion of networked or non-institutional education. Send a "subscribe interversity your name" message to , or see . [Eric Crump , NEW-LIST, 10/22/96.]

MISQ Discovery is intended to explore new modes of knowledge creation and dissemination, including experimental cooperative groups. It's an online counterpart (or counterpoint) to the peer-reviewed MIS Quarterly. . [newjour, 10/19/96.]

Corporate "whales" are on their way out, according to Harry S. Dent Jr. They'll be replaced by diffused, agile firms operating like schools of minnows. People dealing directly with customers will have authority to make decisions on their own. "There will be no mindless, meaningless jobs -- instead, everyone will make important decisions related to the business's well-being." ["Job Shock," St. Martin's Press, 1996. NewtNews, 10/29/96.] (Everyone? 90% of the populace are in the bottom 90%. Any one company may be able to hire competent people for their line functions, but they can't all do so. Bureaucracies are assembly lines for the service sector, and are both efficient and necessary when you can't hire competent help. Unless training solves all our problems, our only out is to reduce human contact via automation (and then find some way to support the unemployed masses). Only good jobs will remain, but enormous salaries will be needed to entice and motivate the staff. And that means that [AI-based?] automation will soon move in...)

"know-org" is a list for research and scholarship in organizational learning and knowledge management. Send a "join know-org your name" message to . [, new-list, 11/7/96.]

Future Cities is a new list for discussion of population growth, cities built anew, and emerging city-states. Send a "subscribe" message to . [Franklin Wayne Poley , NEW-LIST, 11/4/96.]