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A biweekly or monthly moderated digest for AI planning will be starting up in 8/95. Contact to join. [Subbarao Kambhampati ,, 7/28/95. Ken Barker.]

Business Strategies is a monthly newspaper for business owners and managers. . [, net-hap, 8/9/95.]

"Good Morning Thinkers!" is a "creative thinking" lesson sent to you every Monday morning. (Lessons such as "To achieve a goal, think about ways to achieve the exact opposite.") Send a "Subscribe Wake-Up_Brain" message to . [Joyce Wycoff , NEW-LIST, 3/25/95. Bill Park.]

Information Technologies in Construction (ITCON) is a new aperiodic, peer-reviewed e-journal for the construction industries, free on from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. For announcements, send a "sub itcon.announce" message to . Send submissions to , or contact Bo-Christer Bjoerk . [, 5/17/95. Coral Navon , newjour, 7/20/95.]

Genetic Algorithms Digest is already up to V9 N40, as of 8/7/95. You can request it from . Back issues are on and in /pub/galist on

National Computer Tectonics (NCT) magazine offers over 400 pages of news, articles, and reviews about software, hardware, and books. . [Kief Morris , c.i.www.misc, 1/15/95.]