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Calvin Ogawa ([email protected]) predicted the LA earthquake in a 1/12/94 message on alt.california. "In the past three days, Santa Monica and Los Angeles in general has experienced a swarm of minor earthquakes. ... So get your water and pocket radios ready." [Kurt Foss ([email protected]), CARR-L, 1/17/94.]

Documents to assist natural-disaster survivors may be found on the gopher server. For the LA earthquake, look under Disaster Relief. [Barbara Wilde ([email protected]), net-hap, 1/17/94.] The IRC #earthquake discussion is archived on Other news sources are la.general and You can also telnet to to read a good "quake" conference. [Ed Vielmetti ([email protected]), comp.infosystems.www, 1/17/94. Phil Agre.] Authoritative reports are also available from the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, telnet 5501. [Joshua Kopelman ([email protected]),, 1/18/94. net-hap.] Official emergency services gophers are gopher:// and gopher:// [P. Michael McCulley ([email protected], CARR-L, 1/17/94.] A new Northridge (L.A.) Earthquake Information and Location Center Gopher is port 70. Use a gopher client, not telnet. [Jeff Guide ([email protected]), net-hap, 1/19/94.] Prodigy set up free "Earthquake" and "QuakeChat" channels. [WSJ, 1/18/94. EDUPAGE.] To join the QUAKE-L seismology discussion list, send a "sub quake-l your name" message to [email protected]. [Kurt Foss ([email protected]), CARR-L, 1/17/94.] For current seismic information, finger [email protected]. [Phil Agre ([email protected]), RRE, 1/18/94.]

Larry Press ([email protected]) notes that the earthquake may spur telecommuting: LA's west side (with a high concentration of professionals) has lost its main route to downtown. [1/19/94.]

HOTLINE Climate Change News is an occasional newsletter from the US Climate Action Network. The electronic version may be FTP'd as hotline0194 from pub/ECIX on See also sci.environment or the conference on the APC networks. Contact [email protected] for more info. [Lelani Arris ([email protected]), DEVEL-L, 1/18/94. CARR-L.]