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FineArt Forum publishes an excellent Directory of Online Resources that covers art-related mailing lists, e-journals, and other resources. FTP Online_Directory from /pub/archives/fineart_online on [Ellen Zuby ([email protected]), LM-NET, 7/5/93. net-happenings.]

Complex Systems Forum is a new Bitnet list from the Australian National University's Bioinformatics Facility. Topics will include artificial life, biocomplexity, cellular automata, chaos, criticality, fractals, learning systems, neural networks, non-linear dynamics, parallel computation, percolation, and self-organization. Send a "sub complex your name" message to [email protected], with announcements to [email protected]. Information on software and preprints can be FTP'd from /pub/complex_systems on Gopher and WWW access is also available. [[email protected], ALife. CYBSYS-L, 6/25/93.]

Reinforcement Learning is a new, informal mailing list for researchers in reinforcement learning. Contact [email protected]. [Matthew McDonald ([email protected]),, 7/1/93.] (Temporal difference methods in neural-network training would be a likely topic.)

AT-Finance covers financial applications of advanced technologies. Contact [email protected] to subscribe. A FAQ posted to news.answers (and monthly to,,, sci.fractals, and sci.econ) lists several data sources, conferences, journals, books, etc. Sponsored by INNS. [ nets, 6/1/93.]

The US Department of Education (USDOE) has started an electronic bulletin board about its grants and contracts. (200) 260-9950, 2400 bps 8-N-1, 24 hours. Updated weekly from the Federal Register. Further info from George Wagner, (202) 708-8873. [Gleason Sackman ([email protected]), net-happenings, 6/29/93.]

NavNews is a Navy news service. Articles, speech transcripts, press releases, and other documents are available by email to [email protected] or (in some cases) by anonymous FTP from the misc directory. [net-happenings, 6/16/93.]

GOPUB-L is an unmoderated list for discussion of translating formatted text to ASCII for display on TTY or VT100 terminals. Send a "sub gopub-l your name" message to [email protected] or brownvm.bitnet [Clare Durst ([email protected]), CARR-L, 3/18/93.]

CDROMLAN covers use of CD-ROM products on LANs and WANs. Send a "sub cdromlan your name" message to [email protected] or tap into Usenet's bit.listserv.cdromlan newsgroup. PACS-L and GOVDOC-L often discuss CD ROM use for libraries and government data. [Rodney Brown (r[email protected]), comp.internet.library, 6/23/93. online.]

TIPSHEET, the Computer Help and Tip Exchange, has been answering computer-related questions for about a year. Send a "sub tipsheet your name" message to [email protected]. An archive is available. [Guy L. Pace ([email protected]). net-happenings.]

TECHNET is a new list for technical support staff at universities and nonprofit research institutions. Topics may cover electronic and software design, interfacing of laboratory equipment to computers, construction of unique laboratory equipment, data collection methods, etc. Send a "sub technet your name" message to [email protected]. [Herman van den Bergen (vdbe[email protected]), NEW-LIST, 7/3/93. net- happenings.]