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Nicholas Negroponte suggests that we are almost to the time envisioned by Seymour Papert, when children will teach computers instead of being taught by them. ["Being Digital" (Knopf, 1995), p. 199. Bill Park , 7/1/95.]

Here's a tidbit about Swiss education. Nicholas Negroponte went to a Swiss boarding school run by a general in the Swiss Army. Kids who stayed during Fall break had to run a five-day concourse (or scavenger hunt). At one point, a Swiss Army helicopter dropped a message: a tangle of quarter-inch audio tape, in Urdu, telling them to bring a live pig to a location determined by solving math puzzles based on dates of obscure events. Negroponte's team came in first. [Ibid, p. 200.]

A catalogue of graduate Operational Research/Management Science courses in Europe is being compiled by the Association of European Operational Research Societies (EURO). Anyone offering such a programme or course should contact Prof. Costas Pappis or George Adamopoulos , +301 41.79.064 Fax, for the questionnaire. [6/26/95.]

The Thoreau Quarterly, now in its 6th year, is an experiment in hypertext-based scholarship. 250MB of text and over 20M scholarly links have been constructed, plus pictures, sounds, and reverse indexes. Authors submit not articles but links and nodes identified by contributor. Each author updates and corrects prior submissions. The scholarly subscribers work together as a research team. Paper journals are iterative in that only new materials are issued, but this e-journal is cumulative. "There is absolutely no possibility that you will understand anything about this -- unless and until you have obtained hands-on experience in the hypertextspace. This is nothing like anything you know or could imagine." It has also produced new revelations into the works of Thoreau. Austin Meredith . [newjour, 6/27/95.] (Someone should start a similar project for a subfield of computer science. Perhaps funding could come from the library community rather than NSF.)