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The AMiX information market, described in V3 N3, will waive its $35 sign-up fee and two months of its $8 maintenance fee if you ask before 1/31. [Joe Abernathy (joe.abernathy, com-priv, 1/21.]

The free HPCwire electronic service has a Spotlight forum for news, articles, and commentary on a monthly topic. Spotlight takes an in-depth look at supercomputer hardware this month, and will cover workstation hardware in February. Send contributions to Mathew Burns ([email protected]), (619) 625-0070. To participate, telnet to ( and log in as hpcwire. By modem, call (914) 347-7294 with 8-N-1 and VT100 emulation.

The Electronic Journal of Virtual Culture (EJVC) will begin publication in March. Sign up with a "sub ejvc-l your name" message to [email protected]. [Diane Kovacs, ARACHNET, 1/20.]

Interpersonal Computing and Technology (IPCT-L) is an international forum for pedagogical issues in high-tech higher education, especially connectivity and networking. Send a "sub ipct-l your name" message to [email protected]. [Selden Ball ([email protected]), ARACHNET, 1/5.] IPCT-L has more than 1K members and its own scholarly online journal. Manuscripts are being accepted for the 4/93 issue by Gerald M. Phillips ([email protected]). [Ibid.]

TeX-related software (LaTeX, AMSTeX, AMSLaTeX, REVTeX) has a user base in the millions, mostly using free software. Eberhard Mattes' emTeX for DOS and OS/2 is "quite probably the most fantastic port of anything to DOS." It needs 6-15 MB (depending on fonts and drivers) and runs best on a 386 or 486. TeX supports 16-bit characters for multilingual use, as will LaTeX 3. You can get a sample of the TeX Users Group's "TeX and TUG News" by FTPing TTN1N3.TEX and TTN1N3.STY from [FILESERV.TTN] on ( It's also distributed to 1M+ readers on comp.text.tex and the TeXPubs mailing list from George D. Greenwade ([email protected]). [G.D. Greenwade, ARACHNET, 1/7.]