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The Patent News Service is a newswire/newsletter listing new patents and legal news. Send a "Help" message to [email protected], or connect to . [John M. Higgins , Net-Letter-Guide, 1/14/94. net-hap.]

Public Domain Research Corp. tracks copyright law and announces new out-of-copyright songs, books, plays, films, art, photographs, and children's works. A free electronic digest (i.e., article abstracts and samples) of the monthly hardcopy PUBLIC DOMAIN REPORT is now available. Send a SUBSCRIBE message with name and organizational affiliation to Neil Ruggles . [net-hap, 1/3/95.]

National Computer Tectonics is a new 400-page WWW magazine for [mostly] Windows users, at . NCT and Adobe will give away 10 copies of Aldus PageMaker 5.0 and PageMaker MegaPack, worth "over $3K" per set. Enter by 1/31/95 at . [Kief Morris ,, 1/14/95.]

Mac Net Journal Online can be browsed at or downloaded from . "Digital - Free - Multimedia - Interactive." [Aaron Anderson , comp.sys.mac.apps, 1/16/95.]

Personal Electronics News (PEN) covers PDAs and pen-based computing. "What will it do for me and how much will it cost?" Articles are solicited. . [comp.publish.cdrom.multimedia, 1/14/95.]

The UGA Humor List has over 200 contributors reporting [uncensored] humorous items to 2,700 direct subscribers. Send a "sub humor your name" message to [email protected]. [Bill Edwards , net-hap, 1/11/95.]