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My dad tells me that "Chance and Chaos" is an entertaining nonlinear-systems book for general readers. It's by David Ruelle, Princeton University Press, 1991. [1/30/94.]

Pierre Ouellette's "The Deus Machine" (Villard Books) is a techno-thriller based on a neural-network experiment "gone horribly wrong." The author is [email protected] or [ Bill Park, 1/21/94.]

James P. Hogan has written many SF stories about social structures challenged by automated robotic production of all goods. [Bill Park, 2/3/94.]

OnLine Tonight with David Lawrence is a two hour, internationally syndicated live radio talk show about personal computers and home entertainment. "Fast, funny, and 100% geek- free." (Lawrence's press release is loaded with geeky humor. :-) >From WTOP (DC), Sundays at 8 PM Eastern, 5PM Pacific, via ABC's Satcom C-5, Transponder 23, SEDAT Channel 13. Staff include Peter Burns, Rita Daniels (DOS/Windows), Matt Coates (CD ROMs), Dave Mark (games), Frank Catalano (Seattle), Diana Kelly (SF), Brita Meng (Boston), Bob Becker (Midwest), and humorists Alan Ray, Don DeWolf, and Dave Sposito. Lawrence's other job is testing new Mac software for DoD. You can reach him as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Prodigy ONLN22A, (301) 854-5459. [info-mac, 2/18/94. Bill Park.] (Need some publicity for your projects?)

-- Ken