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The Globewide Network Academy (GNA) is taking sign-ups for 300 courses through 4/1/95. See . A newcomer's reception was held 3/15/95 at the DiversityU MOO: telnet 8888, connect guest, @go #6490. [Joseph C. Wang , net-hap, 3/15/95.]

The Global Campus offers educational materials on art history, American Indian history, and marine and cellular biology at or . Other disciplines are sought. [, net-hap, 3/13/95.]

UKarlsruhe's "Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies" -- 600 CS bibliographies, comprising 330K references -- has moved to . (Previous URLs should still work.) A new search interface has been added, at the above site and at some of the ten mirrors. A US mirror is . [Alf-Christian Achilles , c.i.www.announce, 3/15/95.]

Physical constants and atomic/molecular spectrographic data are available on the NIST Physics home page, or . [Linda Joy , NIST UPDATE, 2/21/95.]

A new CD ROM contains 46 data-analysis and visualization software packages -- plus 50 other packages -- from commercial, NASA, and shareware sources. The commercial packages can be tried out before purchase. BFlatInfo , 1-800-842-4669. [, 3/14/95.]

Descriptions and pictures of robots are solicited for . [Roger Arrick ,, 3/9/95. David Joslin.]

MathSoft and Mathcad resources and product catalogs are on . [WEBster, 2/21/95.] "Mathbrowser" from MathSoft lets you try MathCad. . [WSJ, 2/17/95, B8. EDUPAGE.]

100K SPARCstation 5 mid-range workstations were sold in nine months, "the best-selling workstation in the industry and the fastest-growing product line in Sun's history." (800) 821-4643. [HiTek Report, 2/13/95. NewtNews. Bill Park.]

Apple and IBM are working on a "Moccasin" computer that can run Mac OS, Windows, OS/2, and Unix; expected to be released late 1996. [Macworld, 4/95, p. 102. Flash Information, 3/6/95.]