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UCSD's bookstore is online, for both stock browsing and orders. You can also check the NYT best-seller list. Telnet to ( [Dana Noonan ([email protected]), [email protected], 6/23/93. net-hap.]

Prentice-Hall book catalogs can be FTP'd from /pub/ptrph_cat/net.comm on or retrieved by gopher to The order form is ord-int.lst (international) or ord-na.lst (North America), to be emailed to [email protected]. [Bob Cowles ([email protected]), Chaos Corner, 10/8/93.] (Only the networking and communications catalog is available so far.)

Book Stacks Unlimited, Inc. is an online bookstore and readers' conference. Telnet to ( 240K titles can be shipped anywhere in the world, and buyers earn credits toward free books. [Peter Scott ([email protected]), HYTEL-L, 9/21/93. net-hap.] (Remember: don't send your credit card number just because someone announced a service. And I don't recommend sending your unencrypted number over the net in any case.)

Publishers' catalogs on (under "Library /Useful Non-U of S Information") include Harbour, Meckler, O'Reilly, Prentice-Hall, and the university presses of UBC, Edinburgh, Harvard, JHU, Princeton, Rutgers, UChicago, UIllinois, UMinnesota, and UNebraska. [Peter Scott ([email protected]), net-hap, 10/1/93.]