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Generation 5 is a new AI source-code and information repository, at . [Sam Hsiung ,, 02Sep98.]

If your campus store doesn't have the software you want, try some educational discount websites. PC Zone/MacZone has a Learning Zone service, at 1-800-817-5728 or . It assigns a personal representative who can quote educational rates by phone or email. MacMall offers a similar service at 1-800-328-2793, 1-888-328-2790 fax. For Macintosh computers, check out the Apple Store at . You specify what school you're with, then custom-configure the machine you want. Prices are reduced from non-student orders, such as $117 off on a basic G3 minitower and $34 off on 32MB of memory. (I didn't check out faculty/school discounts.) This month Apple is also throwing in a second year of warranty (worth about $95) and an additional $100 monitor discount, 32MB of RAM, or a copy of Virtual PC (a Pentium II emulator worth about $150). Two software sites that sell only education-discounted software are and . You'll find discounts of 50% and more on Microsoft and Adobe products, plus discounts from a score of other companies. [14Sep98.]

-- Ken