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Mark Twain Bankshares (St. Louis) is the first bank to offer Digicash electronic money. It is one of the few American banks that accepts small deposits in a wide variety of foreign currencies. . [NYT, 10/23/95, C4. EDUPAGE.]

Digicash works like a debit card or virtual ATM. The bank issues "electronic coins" or "ecash" with unique serial numbers, in encryption envelopes. Denominations are as low as $.05. The bank won't know where you shop or what you buy, but it can validate the coins and detect duplicates. It can also re-issue the coins if your computer crashes, if you know the seed value you initially supplied. The originator of ecash can be identified, making it easy to intercept stolen or extorted currency. . [WEBster, 10/31/95.]

E-Business is a new, free, online publication about doing business on the Internet: marketing, advertising, information distribution, online presence development, transaction security, demographic research, business services, equipment, opportunities, etc. Send a "subscribe" message to [email protected]. [John M. Reese , online news. newjour, 9/30/95.]

Who's Marketing Online? is an interactive magazine for web marketers, with tips on business page design, response tracking, site reviews, evaluation checklists, surveys, downloads, etc. . [, newjour, 9/23/95.] (I say "etc."; the originals say "and more!")

OVERDRIVE is a free worldwide classified advertising database, just like newspaper classifieds -- even an Employment section. You can post, update, and delete. Web travelers can search by topic, price, manufacturer, model, etc. . [,, 10/2/95. net-hap.]

In-Touch Software Edition is a free email PR channel about new freeware, shareware, and commercial software. . [Lance Jones , net-hap, 10/5/95.]