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Contact information for 1,000 Bay Area computer companies is available from Information Everywhere, 2598 Edgewood Rd., Redwood City, CA 94062; (415) 364-6606. $13.99, PC or Mac. [Tom Schulz ([email protected]), m.j.m. Bill Park, 2/16.]

Addresses of more than 300 companies advertising for C++ programmers (for DOS/Windows or Unix) have been collected by Galina Petkova ([email protected]). (He uses software to scan news, identify addresses, and email or fax his resume automatically.) Petkov will send you two listings for every such email or fax address that you send to him. [m.j.o, 2/17. Bill Park]

The Job Finder is a weekly hardcopy publication. Contact [email protected] for details (or watch [m.j.o, 2/16.]

Marcel Salgad ([email protected]) says that he will mail you Swedish job listings "in all fields from computing to accounting" for US $10. Nyggatan 52B, 582 27 Linkoping, Sweden. [m.j.o, 2/17.] (I haven't checked this out.)

Peter M. Weiss ran a search for Bitnet LISTSERV lists that might carry job ads, and found commjobs@rpitsvm (communications); ecolog-l@umdd (ecology); fedjobs@dartcms1 (Federal job bulletin board); frogjobs@bitnic (?); job-list@frors12 (from EARN Institute members); jobplace@ukcc (general listings?); physjob@waynest1 (physics); sasjob-l@albnydh2 (SAS); slajob@iubvm (special libraries); and tesljb-l@cunyvm (employment issues). [[email protected], CARR-L, 2/20.]

Working Opportunities is a resume bank selling itself as a discount recruiting firm. You can list your resume free for three months, then $16 per additional month. Working Opportunities is actively soliciting job requirements from 1078 high-tech and medium-tech companies in the SF Bay Area (soon 2,153). Resumes that matched job needs are faxed over. Bill Adrian ([email protected]). 1165 Park Ave., Suite 105B, San Jose, CA 95126; (408) 275-9176. [ba.j.m, 2/17. Bill Park.] I suppose they're charging companies by the hire instead of by the resume.

Headhunters typically charge companies 25% to 35% of first year's salary, or $10K-$20K for engineering hires. Newspaper ads are cheaper, but not cheap: An average display ad in the San Jose Mercury costs $2,500 for two days, placement and effect take 2 weeks or more, and 80%-95% of the responses must be screened out. [Ibid.]

If you're out of work, check your area for a vocational center. The Career Action Center (CAC) in Palo Alto charges $65/year or $10/day for access to their job listings, company literature, and career library. Seminars are extra. Call (415) 324-1710 for a free catalog or drop by for a 30-minute video orientation. [Mike ([email protected]), ba.job.misc. Bill Park, 1/23.] CAC support groups can be very helpful. One-on-one counseling is $60 per session. Community colleges may offer such counseling for free. The Jewish Vocational Center in San Francisco has a sliding fee. [Joanna Tsang (tsang, ibid, 12/8.] CAC has also been known to offer scholarships or reduced dues, with a donation suggested once you get a job. [[email protected], ibid.] These places can do about as much for you as a $4K career marketing service could. You have to do the research and networking in either case.