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ARPA hopes to support the 1st Int. Joint Workshop on AI and Operations Research, 6/6 to 6/10/95, Timberline, OR. Submissions are due 1/1/95. Contact Matt Ginsberg for details. [, 1/23/95. David Joslin.]

2/1/95 is the nomination deadline for the IEEE Computer Society's Computer Entrepreneur Award. Contributions to the industry must have been 15 years ago. Elliot Chikofsky , +1-617-487-9026, +1-617-487-5752 Fax. [dbworld, 1/23/95.]

"The Worldwide Compendium of Experts" is a planned CD ROM covering education, the sciences, business, law, government, and more, for Spring '95 release. To be included, contact [email protected]. [Roy Sidewitz , net-hap, 1/13/95.]

Cupid's Cove features online Valentine's Day cards, a kissing booth, Web Personals, recipes, children's book recommendations, shopping, etc. . [Carol Blake , net-hap, 1/16/95.]