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"Focus Japan II; A Resource Guide to Japan-oriented Organizations" (2/93) lists 550 Japan-oriented organizations and profiles 180. It also lists exchange programs, databases, funding sources, degree programs, and opportunities for US researchers. 700 pages; $59.95 ($39.95 for academics and non-profits). [email protected], Gateway Japan, 1424 16th Street NW Suite 700, Washington, DC 20036; (202) 265 7685, (202) 797-5516 Fax. Make checks to the National Planning Association. [AJBS-L, 3/2.]

A CompuServe job-hunting service is now available to internet users. Contact [email protected] for information about automated faxing of your cover letter and resume. [m.j.o, 3/7.]

Msen Inc. (Ann Arbor) and the Online Career Center are building job-brokering tools with more diversity than Usenet's systems-oriented newsgroup. As a start, they've got several* newsgroups and a series of msen.occ.* forums with occupational information. Special tools for human-resource departments will be added later. Contact [email protected] for an MsenLink account, $20/mo. (A cheaper service omitting Msen's other online services is in the works.) [Ed Vielmetti ([email protected]), online, 3/2.]