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India has gone from 7 to 130 software export companies in the past five years (as of 3/31/95), with half of its revenue growth in the most recent year. The $500M+ industry supports over $100K programmers producing "rigorous, methodical, and re-engineerable" code. [Forbes ASAP, 12/4/95, p. 74. EDUPAGE.]

If you divide Gross Expenditures on R&D by Gross Domestic Product (GERD/GDP), you find Sweden with 3.12; Japan, 2.93; US, 2.72; Germany, 2.48; France, 2.41; UK, 2.18, Canada, 1.58; and Italy, 1.30. [Re$earch Money, 12/20/95, p. 3. Flash Information, 1/2/96.] (The US could lead if only it put more research money into finding better indices. :-)

I'm not sure what "computer industry employment" entails, but the NYT says total payrolls are $17.7B for CA, $4B for TX, $3.3B for MA, and $3B for NY. [1/1/96, p. 34. EDUPAGE.]

Over 200 award-winning management articles from 100 academic journals can be searched at ("illustrative articles"). Abstracts of another 8K articles are also searchable. [Mathew Wills , newjour, 1/2/96.]

Infoseek (Santa Clara) has replaced its Net Search with Infoseek Guide, which integrates Internet searching and browsing of 1M web pages, 10K newsgroups, and FTP and Gopher sites. Searches can be performed within a topical context (e.g., sports), and can be followed with a "find similar" command. Try it at or . [WEBster, 1/9/96.]

US workers are commuting longer now, according to the 1990 census. Most leave home between 7:00 and 7:30 or in the following half hour, and more than half take at least 20 minutes to get to work. (Day-care shuttling is a factor.) Increasingly many people -- 51%, in one survey -- are now more concerned about time off than getting more pay. [St. Petersburg Times, 12/18/95, p. 13. NewtNews, 1/2/96.]

With the recent blizzard, northern telecommunications services reported a 15% drop in high-speed corporate use of the Internet and an increase in conference calls (15%), long-distance calls (35%), residential calls (60%-100%), and home dial-up of AOL and Internet services (60%). [WSJ, 1/9/95, B1. EDUPAGE.]

The IIX Internet-related stock index has moved to and <.../~intweek/filters/main.html>, with companies listed at <.../~intweek/demohome/coindex.html>. Options (with a trend graph) are shown at , and latest values at . (The amex and hydra connections may be faster or more reliable than zdnet.) [Peter Ludemann , 1/9/96.]

Bill Gates says that the future of desktop computing is the "personalized connected office" with advanced and Internet-enabled applications (via ISDN), intelligent software assistants, project-centric workspaces, and speech recognition. IBM's Lou Gerstner sees network-centric computing (via ATM connections to the Internet), easy-to-use products, tiny storage devices, and wearable computers. [PC Magazine, 1/23/96, p. 31. Flash Information, 1/2/96.]

"Nanotechnology and Global Security" is a talk by Admiral David E. Jeremiah, USN (Ret), former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It's at . [Ralph Merkle , sci.nanotech, 12/22/95. Bill Park.]