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Network-News is a weekly newsletter for small-business issues, from J. Alan Gatlin . Online commerce and Internet resources, taxes, pending legislation, etc. Send your net address and a brief description of your small-business interests to . [NEW-LIST, 10/1/95.]

Strategic News Service (SNS) is a newsletter for strategic thinkers and decision makers who depend upon business technology planning. Mark R. Anderson of Technology Alliance Partners writes 1-2 pages per week about current struggles for software or telecommunications market domination. "Re-purposing of this material is encouraged, with proper attribution." $95 charter rate for 52 issues, going to $195 on 11/1/95. A two-month trial may be available. , P.O. Box 1969, Friday Harbor, WA 98250; 360-378-3431. [9/26/95.] (His readership apparently includes many high-level executives, including Bill Gates.)

The Computer Law Report is now weekly (formerly monthly) with one article per issue. Written for the non-lawyer, covering intellectual property rights, privacy, email, Internet issues, contracts, employment, crimes, new legislative and court developments, and international trade and export controls. Free from William S. Galkin . [NEW-LIST, 10/24/95.]

Web Informant Newsletter is an HTML-formatted occasional newsletter from David Strom. Strom's Web Informant site, , covers hi-tech marketing, communications, and computer trade publishing. "Humor and attitude" are promised. Strom also writes for O'Reilly and Associates' new web-based Web Review, . [, 9/20/95.]

WEBSmith is to be a "how-to" magazine about website design, implementation, and administration. Starts 1/96. Visit or write to to subscribe or contribute. [Jonathan Gross , c.i.www.announce, 9/6/95. newjour, 10/7/95.]

INFOSYS is a good source for anyone in MIS teaching, research, or applications. Lots of job and conference announcements. 4,000 subscribers in 62 countries (after 22 months of weekly publication). Send a "subscribe infosys your name" message to , or read it on comp.infosystems. [Dennis W. Viehland , 10/23/95.]

UK NONLINEAR NEWS covers activities of applied and theoretical nonlinear science groups in the UK. Posted quarterly to sci.nonlinear and , or send a "SUBSCRIBE" message to . [sci.nonlinear, 9/19/95. Chuck Morefield.]

The Armchair Scientist is a new science e-magazine aiming for "Science Digest" filtering of net information, with HTML 3 graphic layout. . [, net-hap, 10/13/95.]

Planet Science is an online, interactive science and technology publication drawn mostly from New Scientist magazine. . [, newjour, 10/7/95.]

BEATCALC offers a weekly mental math exercise, such as learning to square numbers ending in 5 in your head. Send a "subscribe beatcalc your name" message to . [Betty Clay , NEW-LIST, 9/22/95.]